Customer Testimonials

15th Sep 2015

"Sadly my time with David is now coming to a close and I honestly can't believe the difference in my game. I am now hitting the ball further, straighter and more consistently than I have ever done previously. My handicap has fallen to its lowest ever level and I'm very optimistic that I can reduce it considerably more in the very near future with the new techniques David has given me.

I have been fitted for a couple of new clubs during my time with David as some of my old equipment wasn't really suitable for me and I tended to avoid using them if at all possible. Happily, this didn't cost me a fortune and I now have much more confidence using them in situations that I would never have attempted in the past.

We spent the final session creating a "gapping chart" which provides me with the average distance I hit each club. This saved me shots the very next day when I referred to it and selected a different club which proved to be the correct one! This was a very simple process and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their game.

Following my experience, I have a lot to think about and to practice. I will certainly be returning for more lessons once I have accomplished my goals. I hope this competition will be repeated again in the future and some other lucky person will get the same opportunity that I have had.

It's difficult for me to fully express my thanks to David for his time and patience throughout this exercise and it would be impossible to under estimate the improvement to my game. However, as this competition was advertised as "Game improvement champion" surely this means it was a success?

David's reputation needs no enhancement but I would like to pay tribute to John Paul and Megan Mather who have been incredibly friendly and hospitable every time I have visited the shop. It was a pleasure to be welcomed by both people and to spend some time having a general chat."

2nd Feb 2015

"A recent promotion from a well known internet trader caught my eye and I very nearly made an impulse buy thinking it would improve my game. Fortunately, I consulted David, who advised me to come along and try the clubs out to and see if they were suitable for me. I very quickly determined that they were not for me and left empty handed with some good advice from David and no ill feeling or high pressure sales techniques.

The session did however serve a purpose. I realized that I could benefit by upgrading the second hand irons I was using and upgrade to more modern technology. Rather than succumbing to advertising ploys which promised unrealistic gains, I decided to make the most of David's expertise and honesty. A custom fit session was arranged and several sets of irons were tried out with results being compared on the launch monitor and the outcome was very surprising. I had a set of clubs in mind and expected to be fitted for them but I preferred the feel and results of the Titleist clubs which were fitted and price matched by David and proved to be over £150 cheaper.

I can't praise the service offered by David enough. I have taken up golf far too late in life to ever be seriously competitive but David has cut 11 shots from my handicap so far and I'm confident he'll help me to progress further. He's always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the most from his experience and I would highly recommend him to golfers of all skill levels who want to improve their game."

Jan 2015

John Paul has switched to theTitleist 915 Range and has seen a gain of 24 yards in his driver, 19 yards in his 3 wood, and a 5 yard distance gain with his hybrid. This is not the only improvement that 915 delivers, the range is focused on providing distance without compromise. Not only has John seen a distance gain but has found that the 915 range is the most forgiving range of clubs he has ever used, meaning his bad shots are much better than before.

"Titleist has always had a reputation for being a brand for better players, this simply isn't the case anymore and as far as I can see, they're currently making the most forgiving clubs on the market!" John said after testing his new clubs.

Stephen Baird, one of our life members recently purchased the full Titleist 915 range and saw huge improvements. He gained 31 yards with his driver and over 20 yards with his fairway woods. His bad shots were within 15 yards of his good ones where as with his older clubs the gap was as big as 45 yards. We asked Stephen to tell us what he thought of his fitting process:

"David Mather took me into the fitting bay at Burgham and we worked on my woods and irons, I knew I would see a big improvement with the new technology but never thought the change would be this big. I ordered the clubs straight away when I saw the results but must admit I was worried about the cost, I thought that I would have to pay extra for custom built golf clubs. David then said that he price matched online and the fitting was included with the cost of the clubs, I thought that was excellent value, paying the same that I would at American Golf or Direct Golf but getting a custom fitting session from a professional too. I can't fault the service and would advise all of you reading this interview to see David if your after some new kit!"