Custom Fit with David Mather Golf at Alnmouth Golf Club Foxton Hall

David Mather GolfDid you know that an individually custom fitted set of clubs are the same price as any set off the shelf? Click here to enquire or book your fitting with us today.

Here at David Mather Golf, we are a specialist Custom Fit Centre for Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade and Adams. We can offer variations in club specifications ensuring your clubs are fitted perfectly for your own game

The advantage to you is that you are able to try the latest equipment and be advised of the perfect specifications for your clubs without any favouritism to a particular brand. Too many other outlets try will try and push a brand with highest mark-up this is not our policy here at Alnmouth Golf Club Foxton Hall.

Fitting CentreOur all weather fitting bay is fitted with the latest technology which includes the GC2 launch monitor (as used on Sky Sports Shot Centre) which allows us to calculate precise ball flight including launch angle, descent angle, back spin, side spin, ball speed, distance and direction.

Our expert PGA Staff will process the information and help the customer understand what specification of golf club they require to produce optimum ball flight and more importantly longer straighter shots.

Click here to enquire or book your fitting with us today.

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